Find, add, and share accessible toilets on the go.

accessaloo takes away the stress of not being able to find an accessible toilet. Wherever you are and whenever you need one, this app is your sidekick for locating accessible toilets near you.

  • Uploaded and rated by users worldwide
  • Useful visual impressions
  • Detailed information about facilities

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Locate and navigate on the go. 


See if the toilet suits your needs. 


Insight into the available facilities. 


Ratings and reviews by users worldwide. 


Save and share your favorite toilets. 

The story behind the app

The idea for accessaloo emerged during our day-to-day activities at Disabled Accessible Travel. Our aim is to provide accessible travel experiences to people with limited mobility. Our services span from transfers to mobility equipment rentals and accessible tours. From our practice, we know that most people travel as a way to relieve stress. Over the years, we have also learned that a particular basic need was not covered by our services. A need that has a huge impact on the overall experience of our clients.

This basic need, big differentiator, and potential deal breaker made us think. And, yet another question about the presence of accessible toilets at the Sagrada Familia confirmed our thoughts: there is a need for a tool that helps people find accessible toilets on-the-go.

Going out for a coffee or a meal, or sightseeing should be all about the joy of the experience. And, above all, the worries about being able to find an accessible toilet should no longer stand in the way. Therefore, we created a mobile application with visuals that focusses on one thing only: accessible loos. By and for users worldwide. A sidekick that helps you to find, add, and save accessible toilets on the go.

And so, accessaloo was born!

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Download accessaloo and start sharing your favourite accessible loos with the world!

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