About accessaloo

The story behind the app

The idea for accessaloo emerged during our day-to-day activities at Disabled Accessible Travel, providing transfer and travel services for slow-walkers and wheelchair users. Many people travel as a way to relieve stress. The broad span of services we offer help our clients feel secure and relaxed. Nevertheless, one particular basic need was not covered by our current services: until now.

Going out for a coffee, a meal, or some sightseeing should be about the experience: spending time with friends and family, meeting new people, exploring cultures, relaxing and simply enjoying it all. It should not be about worrying whether you will be able to find a nearby accessible toilet throughout the day.

After receiving numerous questions about where you could go to the toilet after visiting the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Colosseum in Rome, we were certain there was a need for a tool that would help people find accessible toilets on-the-go. This tool would enable us to complete our mission to offer our travelers the experience of an entirely stress-free holiday.  

And so, accessaloo was born!

Unique and Valuable Content

From our experience, we are well aware that disabilities differ. Therefore, requirements and needs also vary from one person to another. This also holds for accessible toilet requirements. For this reason, we have chosen to let visual impressions play a crucial role in reviews in addition to general requirements, personal notes, and ratings. 

Pictures speak louder than words, and they allow users to decide for themselves if the listed toilet is suited to their individual needs. This valuable feature makes accessaloo unique. 

We believe it should not only be about the promotion of the venue or restaurant, but instead about the accessible loo, and rated by those who know best: the users. Therefore, all the toilets that you find in the application are added and rated by users worldwide. 


Imagine if everyone would add only five toilets in their community… 


Together we can make the world a little more accessible! 


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